Sink's For Your New Apartment

It is a specially designed sink for washing dishes in the kitchen. It has been in use since the 17th century. This type of sink was originally designed to counteract the shortage of water supply in London in those times. There was no such water shortage in the Belfast area during the same times. The sink with its unique weir overflow feature is perfect for discharging excess water. This feature prevents water spillage in the kitchen if the tap is left open. The utility of this type of sink remains effective even now when there is no water shortage in the UK homes. There are many reasons why it continues to be installed in homes and other places.

Benefits of This Sink

These sinks have heavy build and last long. Most people use a kitchen sink only for large size dishes that cannot be washed in the dishwasher. The belfast sink is perfect for this purpose. With its deep and wide groove, it can accommodate all types of large pots and pans. The smooth surface of the sink is easy to clean and maintain. It is stain resistant and can be cleaned with a simple solution of water and soap. It is perfect for all types of kitchens.

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Double Sink Design

The same type of sink is available in two variations. The single sink is already known but there is also the double sink design in this category. In the double sink model, one sink is used to wash the dishes while the other sink is used to rinse them. This type of sink generally measures about 2.5 feet in length but slightly larger sinks are also available. Larger and deeper bowls are suitable for washing large utensils. The double sink is available with or without the central tap ledge. The selection depends on the personal choice of the homeowner.


There is no need to throw this type of sink after it has lived its utility. It can be reused as a flowerpot in the garden. Small size leafy vegetable patches can be grown in it. By just adding good quality topsoil, it is ready for growing small amounts of vegetables, fruits or flowers. It gives the sink a new lease of life. This benefit is not possible with small and shallow groove kitchen sinks.

Contemporary Designs

Products in this category are now made with high quality materials. Its manufacturers use latest manufacturing technologies. It means the sinks in this category are tough, stain resistant and durable. The hard surface can take light impacts easily. Such impacts do not cause it to chip or break. The ceramic and metal sinks can withstand high temperature. There is no problem if hot dishes are placed in it for cleaning. The sink has an easy to use waste plug. The standard feature of overflow discharge is incorporated. Other items like plumbing kits and accessories needed to install this sink can be found easily. Most manufacturers of this sink offer one year of warranty against the manufacturing defects and 10 years of warranty on staining and fading.